About Pilgrim Transit

Pilgrim Transit

Pilgrim Transit, built from the ground up, was started with a simple vision. With over 40 years of serving the public we pride ourselves on the mantra: “Safety of a passenger must always be our goal.”  And today, as our fleet continues to grow, this philosophy never wavers.

We connect, communicate, and listen to the needs and requirements of our clients. With advanced scheduling and routing software, we achieve the goal at hand – getting our consumers to their appointments or destinations safely and on time.

We value transparency and encourage our employees to speak up, ask questions, and provide feedback, so as we can keep growing as an organization – we are always improving.

In our minds, it is a given to be proactive, and courteous to all our passengers, while upholding the guidelines of our clients.

Safety of a passenger must always be our goal.

No matter at what level an employee joins us, we all go through a rigorous training process, is not just once – but ongoing. With the tools of “continuous quality improvement” our passengers feel safe and secure.

It is our ongoing goal to be recognized as the BEST ambulatory and wheelchair service provider in Eastern Massachusetts. Hiring only the most qualified candidates is what sets us apart.

During our onboarding process each new team member goes through a battery of background checks, defensive driving training, passenger securement, and, is certified in all safety practices and procedures.

Our fleet is comprised of late model vehicles – each actively maintained by a dedicated team.

Each vehicle’s interior is clean, smoke free, has required seatbelts, and all necessary equipment to ensure a safe and transparent consumer experience.

And during this time each Driver Associate is masked whenever a passenger enters the vehicle’s cabin.